International Travel

Purchasing International Travel

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For international travel, additional airport, transportation, embarkation, security, and passenger service taxes/surcharges are government imposed and may apply depending on destination. For return travel from some countries, fares do not include airport and/or departure taxes, which may be collected by the foreign government.


Passport Requirements

All passengers, including children and newborns, are required to have a passport to leave, enter, or re-enter the United States. Please be sure to bring all required documents for your outbound and return flights. Visit Travel Gov for more information about document requirements.


Proof of Citizenship and Identity

You'll need to present your passport providing proof of citizenship and identity when you check in for international flights, since it's the law. It's your responsibility to know what additional documentation is required for entry into any foreign country to which you are flying. So, please do your homework. For more information, please visit the U.S. National Passport Information Center website at or U.S. Customs and Border Protection website at

For travel documentation entry requirements, including visa requirements, for other countries, please contact that country's consulate for information. Note that you must meet the United States exit requirements, as well as the foreign country's entry requirements.  Entry requirements are based on country of citizenship.

Your travel documents and identification may be checked on multiple occasions, so we suggest that you keep your documentation with you throughout your travels. If your documentation isn't adequate or sufficient, we simply can't allow you to board our aircraft. We want you to enjoy your trip, and we want you to come home as well.

If you're a citizen of another country and are traveling to the United States, we recommend that you contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate for the most current travel document requirements.


Check-in Time

You and your baggage must be checked in for international flights at least one hour prior to departure. We strongly recommend coming to the airport 2-3 hours earlier during the busiest travel times, especially around the holidays. 

International Baggage

For the most part, Frontier's international rules for checked and carry-on baggage are the same for domestic travel as far as baggage allowance, size, and weight restrictions. Read more about baggage requirements by visiting our baggage page.

If you have connecting Frontier flights on your arrival to the United States, you'll first need to go through Customs, collect your baggage, and then re-check your baggage to the final destination. Most customs areas have a connection check-in area available when you are through with your inspection, so it's easier than it sounds.

Frontier's baggage policies apply for travel on Frontier only. If you are connecting to or from another airline's international flight, the other airline’s baggage charges and allowances may apply in accordance with DOT regulations. Check the other airline's website for its baggage policies. What this means to you:

  • If you are connecting to Frontier from another airline’s international flight and they did not check your baggage to the final Frontier destination, then that airline’s checked and carry-on baggage allowances and fees will apply when you check in with Frontier.
  • If you are connecting to another airline from Frontier and we were unable to check your baggage to the final destination, the other airline may charge bag fees. We always try to check your bags to the final destination, but sometimes it just isn't possible depending on our agreements with the other airline, layover time, etc.
  • If you are starting on a Frontier flight and connecting to another airline's international flight, Frontier will honor the other airlines' free baggage allowances and will collect any applicable checked and carry-on baggage fees as set by the other airline.
  • If you are connecting from another domestic airline flight to a Frontier international flight, Frontier’s checked and carry-on baggage allowances and fees should be charged by the other airline in most circumstances.


Minors Traveling Internationally

The rules for minors traveling internationally are very strict and are meant to protect children. Any child 14 years of age or younger is considered a minor for international travel purposes. Please be aware that we accept unaccompanied minors traveling internationally on flights to and from Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico.  For more details, please visit our page that details our policies for unaccompanied minor travel.

You will need to be sure you have all your child's documentation for traveling to the foreign country. Plan on arriving extra early to complete the customs forms and other required forms.

For the most current information and travel documentation requirements for minors traveling internationally, please visit


Travel Visa

Depending on your citizenship, travel visas may be required to enter and leave some countries. If a visa is required, you can obtain it from the appropriate foreign consular representative before you proceed abroad. Allow sufficient time for processing the visa application, especially if applying by mail. Learn more about travel visas at

International visitors to the U.S. from Visa Waiver Program countries may now apply for travel authorization online using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The tool is easy to use, free of charge, and available in many languages. Click here for more information and to access the tool.



We recommend that you check with your healthcare provider or review your records to ensure immunization (i.e. tetanus and polio) are up-to-date before travelling internationally. For detailed information about immunizations for foreign travel, please visit


Return or Onward Travel

Some countries require proof of return or onward travel. For instance, Costa Rica will require you to show proof that you will be leaving their country unless you are a Costa Rican citizen. Proof of return or onward travel includes a return air ticket, a bus ticket, a cruise line ticket...something that shows you intend to leave the country. Be ready to show your proof of return or onward travel to the customer service representative or you may need to purchase a ticket at the airport before you leave for Costa Rica.


International Travel to Jamaica

Traveling to Jamaica? Read important information regarding aircraft disinsection.